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 Breed-Specific Legislation Laws 11/4/09

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PostSubject: Breed-Specific Legislation Laws 11/4/09   Wed Nov 04, 2009 5:07 pm

Cities considering BSL laws:

Auburn, CA - City Councilmember Kevin Hanley has asked city staff to consider placing a breed-specific ordinance relating to "pit bulls" on a future agenda. There is not currently a draft or a vote scheduled. The AKC Government Relations Department has sent a letter to city officials informing them about the California state restrictions on breed-specific ordinances and educating them about the ineffectiveness of restrictions based on breed.

Bothell, WA – The City of Bothell is considering placing restrictions on "pit bulls" (it is unclear which breeds would be included in this definition) and possibly other breeds they deem dangerous. A draft ordinance has not yet been written. The city plans to hold two additional public hearings on this issue, but has not yet announced the date and time for those meetings. The AKC Government Relations Department has encouraged local responsible dog owners and breeders to get involved in the drafting process.

Dandridge, TN – The Dandridge Board of Aldermen has rejected a proposed breed-specific ordinance and is working to draft an effective dangerous dog law. The AKC has sent a letter thanking the aldermen for not enacting BSL and has provided sample dangerous dog legislation.

Elgin, IL – The Elgin City Council continues to consider the best way to address dangerous dogs. It is not yet clear if the city will consider an ordinance with breed restrictions. The Anderson Animal Shelter sent a representative to the October 28th city council meeting to advocate against breed-specific restrictions and to encourage the city to establish a taskforce on canine aggression. The AKC sent a letter opposing breed-specific ordinances and provided the city council with sample dangerous dog ordinances. Local responsible dog owners and breeders are encouraged to contact the city council and oppose any language which bans or restricts ownership of specific breeds.

Elyria, OH – The Elyria City Council is considering adopting restrictions on "pit bulls”, but no specific language is currently available. The AKC Government Relations staff has sent a letter to the city council urging them to adopt a dangerous dog ordinance that is based on a dog's deeds, not its breed.

Elkhart, IN - The Elkhart City Council has created a 9-member task force to consider a proposal that would make it illegal to own “pit bulls”, including American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers. Dogs of these breeds already residing in the city would be allowed to stay if the owner purchases a $75 vicious dog license, provides proof of $300,000 in liability insurance, has the dog tattooed or microchipped, and leashes and muzzles the dog any time it is off the owner's property. The ordinance would also limit ownership to no more than 4 adult dogs, cats or other animals in one residence and contain new broad regulations regarding “public nuisance” animals. The AKC Government Relations staff has written the Mayor and city council members letter opposing the changes and notified local AKC club officers and judges. The AKC has also sent information, including positive alternatives to BSL, to concerned local fanciers and dog owners.

Hampton, NE –The Hampton Village Board of Trustees is considering an ordinance to ban or restrict ownership of specific dog breeds. A draft of the proposal is not yet available. The AKC has sent letters to the trustees expressing opposition to breed specific legislation and provided them with packets containing examples of effective dangerous dog ordinances.

Mashpee, MA – On October 19, the citizens of Mashpee defeated a proposed ordinance that would have mandated the sterilization and possible euthanasia of “pit bulls”. The Mashpee Board of Selectmen had already voted against the proposal. The AKC worked with the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners to support the extensive work of concerned local dog owners and submitted a letter to be read at the Town Meeting.


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Breed-Specific Legislation Laws 11/4/09

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