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 Do's and Don'ts

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PostSubject: Do's and Don'ts   Wed Oct 07, 2009 6:32 pm

Here is a list of some of the do's and don'ts while being on any public forum:

Note: I'm not a big advocate for banning for little mistakes, however neither I nor the K9academy staff will hesitate to ban a member who is repeatedly breaking the forum rules. Ignorance isn't an excuse either, so please read the list thoroughly. Much of what is listed here is common sense and proper ettiquette anyway, I'm sure there will be no problem following it. Wink


-There will be absolutely no name calling on the forum, most profanity is censored by the forum anyways.

-Don't spam K9academy (Read 'Other Sites' Subforum).

-Don't create more than one account on K9academy without permission and a good reason. If someone is caught with more than one account it, the one created last will be deleted.

-Don't post anything that would be considered 'questionable content'. This include pornography, drug related, illegal, spamming, racist, or other offensive content.

-Don't disregard or disrespect forum staff.

-Don't hijack or purposefully ruin other's threads.

-Don't excessively use capitals or font formating. This is rude to other members. Occasional words that are capitilized or decent font formating is allowed.

-Don't abuse the Private Messaging privilages, this means no insulting, threatening, spamming, sending numberous messages, or anything of this nature. If someone is caught doing this, their PMing system will be disabled.

-Don't get offended easily by other members posts if it isn't exactly what you wanted to hear. Public forums are made to post opinions and provided that other members aren't breaking any forum rules, they have a right to post what they wish.

-No 'mini-moding', this meaning that regular members shouldn't act like moderators. Forum Mods are assigned to deal with any problems that appear.

-No flooding any forums, this can be considered spamming. If you have many related topics try posting them in one thread or a few threads. However posting multiple threads (5+) is a bit excessive and you are not likely to get answers.


-Do report a problem if you see one. This includes questionable content, insulting posts, member breaking rules, spamming, etc.

-Do give your threads appropriate titles.

-If you have a problem you need to work out with someone, do use the Private Messaging system to work things out.

-Do post questions, comments, stories, pictures, videos, rants, etc.

-Do use the emoticons, as this will help determine your tone and will avoid misunderstandings.

-Do read stickies and announcements on each forum, these contain specific rules and important information.

Thats all for now, thank you for following these rules!
-Steven & Forum Staff
P.S. Rules are subject to change


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PostSubject: Re: Do's and Don'ts   Fri Mar 22, 2013 3:45 am

Understood, captain!
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Do's and Don'ts

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