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 Touchy Subject: Breeding

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PostSubject: Touchy Subject: Breeding   Wed Oct 07, 2009 7:22 pm

If you are new to dog forum communities be warned that dog breeding is a very touchy subject.

There are hundreds of dogs dying each day because of the dog overpopulation. Things that contribute to this problem are people breeding simply for profit (bybs and puppymills), accidental pregnancies because people fail to alter their pets, and dog owner's lack of knowledge while raising their dogs.

I've personally witness breeding topics get very bad because dog lovers have such strong opinions about the subject. Be warned that if you are planning to breed, yet have little to no knowledge on the subject, and you make a post about it here, the most likely thing to happen is to get some strong opinions.

Dog breeding takes lots of work and planning, it is not something that can be decided from one day to another. Many good prospective breeders spend years trying to plan out what they will do.

New members, please note that many times dog forums get trolls, people looking to cause trouble, that post that they are going to breed simply to get the other members mad. Please post in a manner that we know that you are not one of these trolls simply looking to cause arguements.

Members of the forum should keep in mind that people that are new to the forum are most likely to keep suggestions in mind if they are given in a respectful manner. There should be no assuming and simply stating "Get your dog fixed!", but rather as a dog forum community we should all try and educate people that have breeding as a possible goal.



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Touchy Subject: Breeding

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