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 I seriously have the worst luck ever!

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PostSubject: I seriously have the worst luck ever!   Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:29 am

I need to rant about this because its very frustrating, I feel like I have this big sign on my back saying "give me bad luck!"
I already told you guys about my own laptop broken and then how my back up laptop charger died well I finally got the charger in the mail...I plug it in and it comes up and I decide to let it charge. The picture was fine and I left it charge and did some of my school work. Well I go back to it and move mouse to get it off screensaver and it wont!!! So I turn it off, wait...no picture comes up. I take battery out, pop back in...turn on nothing!!! I do that 20 times and FINALLY it turns on with a picture and it loads. So I am on there for like 4 hours and did some more school work and played around some on facebook and i didn't move laptop, compleley in place, I was typing something up and IT SHUTS OFF ON ME!!! So I try turning it back on, nothing, battery in and out nothing now....theres no picture coming up. So I am stuck back on the home PC with time restrictions and a non comfterable chair, a flash player that is out of date and my mother won't install. I cannot send the computer back to the school because I was already warned about getting on facebook and AIM with it and they see that I will be kicked out of the school, so I am pretty much screwed until I get my main laptop back sometime in March.

So last night, we had another blizzard...my dad tried getting home from work and he got stuck in the driveway, 4 wheel was useless. My brother had to come and pull his truck up to the garage. He ended up having to go get new breaks and winter threds on his truck the next day. That took about 2 hours lasted till 1 am and he got home at 10 pm. Another blizzard is going to touch down sunday into monday giving us another 30 inches ontop of 36 inches already... School has been out because of state of Emergancy, 2 weeks now...I haven't been out of the house in that long!

Well that is my rant. I needed to get it out before it started to get me down. I really just lost all my luck!
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PostSubject: Re: I seriously have the worst luck ever!   Tue Feb 16, 2010 6:06 pm

Yeah I know the feeling sometimes. I know its hard to do right now, but the best thing you can do is too think positive because if you only think about the things that are bad then they will all seem worse than what they really are.

Sorry about the blizzard though, you've guys have been really been getting hit hard this winter. Its really warm here so maybe its time it let up over there soon? Best of wishes for you guys!


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PostSubject: Re: I seriously have the worst luck ever!   Fri Mar 05, 2010 6:17 pm

sorry to hear.. i hope things are getting better by now! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: I seriously have the worst luck ever!   

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I seriously have the worst luck ever!

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