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 Dog Friendly Lawn

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PostSubject: Dog Friendly Lawn   Tue Mar 16, 2010 6:52 pm

I found some great tips on Dogchannel about some ways to have a nice looking lawn without having to spray it with things that may harm out dogs. http://www.dogchannel.com/dog-magazines/dogfancy/dog-fancy-extras/1005-extras/natural-alternatives-for-dog-friendly-lawn.aspx

Hey Susan, maybe you might have some opinions on these or some extra tips since I know this is your speciality area!

Well here is what they suggested:

Getting Rid of Weeds:

Sprinkle and Pull Method

Although it may take some time, this is as natural as it gets. This method basically has you sprinkle the area you want to use with water, allowing the weeds to grow and then pulling them out before they can distribute their seeds. Doing this for a while will take some work but will help your planting area stay weed free.


Using regular mulch is another dog friendly way to stay weed free. Mulch is just recycled timber that can be spread on planted areas, it helps prevent light from reaching down to weeds making it more difficult for them to grow. Mulch also tends to be more water effecient as well.

Just remember to stay away from Cocoa mulch as it can be poisonous to your dog and coconut husk mulch too as this one can expand in the dog's digestive track when ingested and may result in GI track blockage.

Corn Gluten

This can be spread on your lawn and used as a natural herbicide. It stops tender root growth while at the same time fertilizing already established plants because of its 'weak nitrogen content'.

Problem Pests

Diatomaceous Earth

This powder is composed of sharp particles that kill pests that crawl through it. It posses no threat to humans or pets (provided it isn't inhaled). Simply re-apply after rains washes it away.

Soapy Water

The simple mixture of vegetable-based liquid castile soap in a 1-10 mixture of warm water (one part soap to 10 parts water) can also help alleviate infestations of unwanted pests. Simply put the mixed solution in a garden sprayer and apply in areas where there is lots of insect activity. The soap molecules block insects breathing organs effectively getting rid of them.

Beneficial Insects

Not all bugs are bad. There are many insects (such as lacewings, ladybugs, praying mantis) that prey on other insects that we consider a nuisance. Look into what kinds of flowers or plants these predatory insects like to nest in or you may even be able to purchase them from stores.


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PostSubject: Re: Dog Friendly Lawn   Wed Mar 17, 2010 6:47 pm

very good topic..never would have thought. I've always lived in an apartment and hope to buy a house in the next few years so that;s probably why it has never come to mind.

It makes sense though, dogs could get ticks on them and those are a pain...and eating weeds can't be healthy. definitely good to think about when you have a lawn!
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Dog Friendly Lawn

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