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 Dealing with Finicky Eater

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Dealing with Finicky Eater Vide
PostSubject: Dealing with Finicky Eater   Dealing with Finicky Eater Icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 6:06 pm


Newsletter that I recieved today. There are a few points I'd argue in this article but overall I think a lot of it is sound advice.

According to this article, finicky eaters and picky eaters are two different things. Picky eaters only occasionally don't want to eat their food, but can be easily persuaded to do so with an extra tasty treat in their bowl. Finicky eaters are tougher to deal with because they may only eat the extra tasty treat you put in the bowl but not his/her regular food. Breeds that are notorious finicky eaters include Basenjis, Huskies, and Yorkies among others.

Before trying any of the following on a finicky eater, make sure that there isn't anything physically wrong with your dog that would be causing the lack of eating.

8 Tips

Less Treats: Might be easier for your dog to eat his food if he doesn't know that he could opt out his food for a tastier dog treat.

Feed More Times a Day: This doesn't mean more food, just that his daily amount is divided by 3 or 4's and fed at different times of the day.

Some Exercise: Doing a bit of running, fetch, or other activities might increase your dog appetite a bit.

Spay/Neuter: Besides all the other health benefits, alteration may prevent finicky eaters.

Positive Experience: Always make sure that his feeding times are relaxed and positive, things like getting irritated, yelling, or punishment may only cause him not to enjoy his meal times as much.

Quiet Time: Feeding time should be a in a quiet, relaxed area. Not where there are kids running and shouting or in the way of people traffic.

Different Meal Times: Maybe your dog might be more inclined to eat at a different time of the day (i.e. morning vs afternoon)

Resist Temptations: In all the frustration of trying to get your dog to eat it might seem easier to tempt him/her by putting people food in the bowl, but its best to resist the temptation, because eventually he might get tired of that too.

Dealing with Finicky Eater Sols_Sig87

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Dealing with Finicky Eater

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