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 People make me want to scream!

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PostSubject: People make me want to scream!   Fri Jun 04, 2010 6:43 pm

I've had it with people in general. The way people act and conduct themselves...I am sick of dealing with these low-life scum bag people who have no idea what respect or kindness is. I'd like to shove all the mean and people who think everyone owes them types off on their own island and be nasty to one another.

I've been trying to get over my ex-boyfriend. Some days I am really good, other days I am really bad. Nothin I do works, changing numbers, new e-mails, AIM's...he manages to track it down and find ways to hurt me just as I move on. Each time. So I give up because I lost so many friends because of his drama and my needing the change my number or email or AIM over and over they are sick of it. So I decided ugh I will hear what this idiot has to say. So he makes me a deal to be friends. So I take him up on it, and I do my end of the deal and he breaks his and then tells me this is what I get and then he proceeds to burn everything I gave him and photograph it. That cut like a knife in my heart...but at same time it made him look like a real @S$ and in the end I know he will REGRET all the pain and suffering he did towards me. I tried going to my mother for comfort and she tells me I am worthless and like my father and mean stuff so degrading and I just felt worse. Anyway so I find this video he posted for me on youtube of him playing with a sword. I sort of found it amuzing...what guy in their 20's play with swords? I don't know if we was wanting me to hurt when i saw the video but fr the first time, I didn't see the man I loved, I didnt see the kind gental and loving and hot guy I once almost married. Instead I saw a mean cruel, hurtful, arrogent nasty, player, cheater,controlling, liar and decietful man in the video. Instead of seeing an understanding could of been husband, I saw a man who would of hurt me bad if I didn't follow his every order.

So then my mom says I cannot go to FL, I am to young and even though I am 18, she says if I go against her will she will kick me out, kill the dog and I will have no where to go because our family is divided, and I litterly have nobody to go to so Iwould be on my own, with no money and no job and nothing. My friends tell me I need a back bone and step up to her or I will always be to scared to and end up being 50 some years old and having no life and still being contorlled by my mom. So i decided I do need a backbone but i need to start off small like standing up for myself on little things, or i will end up abused and scared like i was with my ex. So what happens???

This really ugly scum looking lady to reeks horribly (she should of bought soap) decides she wants to cut infront of me in line. Well this line was long, I had one item she had about 15 or so. I was in line for about 5 mintues and was ready to get out of there and I knew the lady had just came in and got what she wanted. I thought she was cutting in to get to the other isle so I was polite to let her through and she stood beside me looking at popcorn that was on sale and then it was my turn to go up and SHE CUTS INFRONT OF ME. I at this point was already beyond mad with things and I was polite enough to let her through and I only had one item while she had 15 or more and people were waiting behind us, so I just jump infront of her, I am sorry I am not taking **** from anyone anymore. After the thing with parents, my brother and ex bf all abusing me and pushing me around...I am done taking it and im not being a pushover im standing up for myself now and the way she acted...she had no class she deserved to be knocked down a few pegs. So I was polite and I tell her I was in line first and to kindly go to end of the line like everyone else and she was being quite rude for a woman of her age should know better. So she decides to call me an ugly, teenage little bit**. I tried being mature, but she reeked so bad and she was so nasty and rude. I couldn't take her much longer because she proceeded to start calling HER MOM to complain about me or in her words "Snobby stuck up spoiled teenager who is going to be kicked in the A$a soon." and the fact of how pathetic it was for a grown woman of 40 is to call her mom to complain about me? I told her to get over herself and shes not God's gift to the world and nobody owes her and go wait in line like everyone else had to. So before I pay and made her wait her for saken turn, my mom pulls me away and yells at me! I just told my mom to get a backbone and maybe if she stood up to my dad I would of never been abused and she wouldn't feel hurt and guilt about it and im done taking people's **** and I know when to stop and I know when to stand up for myself and I don't need my mother anymore telling me how to live my life. I am done with the control.

Anywho, we left store and lady was coming out as we went past and she flicked us off. I mean I would of been nice if she would of asked me if she could cut in and gave me a good reason like she needed to be somewhere or something important but for a woman of her age to conduct herself the way she had...she showed she isn't very much but a low life who thinks everyone owes her and she is Gods greatest gift to this world. Infact she was creepy looking...and she smelled terribly, her skin was so burnt it looked like she got fried. UGH! PEOPLE just make me want to scream. Especally adults...this world is making me ashamed to be apart of it. God knows I am not perfect but the stuff I see just is the icing on the cake and its only going to get worse because were having to many kids being born who aren't being rasied to know right from wrong and there left to run around like wild animals because parents are to afraid to say NO and teach their kid even if its hard. So that is my rant...=P anyone have any rants about people who make you want to scream?


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People make me want to scream!

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