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PostSubject: TEENAGERS!!!!!!!!!!!   Fri Aug 27, 2010 11:44 pm

TEENAGERS UNDER THE AGE OF 17 SHOULDNT BE ALLOWED TO DRIVE AT NIGHT. WHEN ITS DARK THEY NEED TO GET THEIR STUPID BUTTS HOME AND IF THEY NEED TO DRIVE AT NIGHT THEN THEY MUST BE SUPERVISED BY A PARENT!!!!!! NOT FRIENDS or SIBLINGS. UGH!!! Teenagers today need sent off to boot camp, seriously! My boyfriend and I were sitting in the car having a nice conversation and it was 9:00...and nobody was around us and outta nowhere these two stupid teenage girls pulled up beside us screaming things out the window at us like "F you" and so on.....so that pisses my boyfriend off and he turns car on and leaves.....and they get infront of him and he lays on horn, they lay on horn and then he got beyond pissed and laid on the gas and sped after them and it was a race through a DEAD parking lot...then they got on highway and my boyfriend turned around thinking they left for good and put it back in park and we were talking again...next thing we know there is that freaking CAR and they are are like why the F are you still here? you are are ugly (girl said to me!) then said my boyfriend sounds gay... They were just so vulger and mean for NO REASON! Well at the point they called me ugly he told them well atleast he isnt gay making out like them too are then he laid on the horn to block their mouths out and stepped on the gas speeding OUT of there, and THEY TAKE OFF AFTER US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well when he gets on main road he starts going speed limit, following stop signs becuase hes "scared" of getting a ticket and these girls are behind us honking at us flipping us off and they kept following us!!! He tried losing them, didn't work and we couldnt go home! So he pulled off into an alley and they honked at us flipping us off and then we just detoured home....he was really upset...I mean WHAT IF he had a gun...they were out looking for trouble and if someone wanted they could have shot them (not that I would care or tried to help them at that point I'd be like GOOD for you....) but still.....I hope one of thse days they learn there lesson HARD!!!! GAH....teenagers today are so freaking out of control and to be mean to somebody for no reason???? We shoulda got license plate # and reported them and boyfirend isnt a rational thinker to begin with so when hes mad....you cant talk or calm him down.

I really think teenagers need more restrictans...there not getting the disapline they should be getting and they think they can get away with anything then and that is why you've got so many immature people in society as adults now....I think teens who cannot behave themselves and look for trouble like that shouldn't be fined, grounded but be sent to boot camp....obviously everything else is failing! UGH! people like that ruin things for the good ones. End rant.


When the thunder rumbles, I can hear your sweet voice tell me you love me again. When the lighting strikes, I can see your anger in your eyes that you had to leave us. When the rain pours, I can feel your hug once more. That is the power of a memory.- CJ/// Someone once said, no boy you date will ever truly break your heart but there will be one man who can and that pain will never heal. I understand them now, my dad broke my heart 1/21/12...</3...and I honestly believe that nobody else could have went out so honorably and respectfully as he did. I'll see you on the other side.
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