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 MO: mercantile-law used by vet-board to quash competition: Oct-09

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PostSubject: MO: mercantile-law used by vet-board to quash competition: Oct-09   Sun Nov 07, 2010 9:50 pm

this is not about horses -
the law as written applies to any species and all things =changing their physical or mental condition=,
an enormous area:

MissouriFirst.org - Dedicated to the Sovereignty of Missourians

this is bizarre, Bat-boys and Bat-girls -
the STATE Atty-Gen office of Missouri filed a suit against a woman with a 5-month apprenticeship
in an equine dentistry-school AND 7-years as a practitioner, in October - she is supposedly
*infringing on vet-medicine* and abrogating vet-privileges to herself.

here's the relevant quoted law:
"The Veterinary Medical Board, the plaintiff... invoked... a 1992 law... [which states] it [is]
a criminal offense for any non-vet other than an owner or the owner’s full-time employee
*** to change an animal’s physical or mental condition.***
Violation... punishable by a fine [max] $1k and [12-mos] in prison for each... animal involved."

[emphasis *** added]

the way that reads with NO exceptions, it means no-one could legally bathe or groom a dog
or shear a sheep, or trim or shoe a horse, etc, UNLESS U are 1, the owner; 2, the owners
FT-employee, or 3, a VETERINARIAN.

why would i have to be a vet to train a dog - another prosecutable violation?
how about clipping the wings of birds, something many vets suck at?

"changing" their mental or physical condition would mean VETS must train, groom, bathe, B-Mod,
float all horses or other grazers teeth, trim all bunny-teeth, SHEAR ALL SHEEP, trim hooves on stock,
clip nails on dogs + cats + birds, trim the beaks of birds, and on and on... and ON.
H***'s bells, if they stretch it, vets also have to milk every lactating animal used for milk or cheese
production: cow, goat, sheep, buffalo, moose, camel, whatever.

that the state Vet-med Board is the plaintiff is especially worrisome -
this will be a precedent-setting case, watched with great [and avid] interest, as some vets are
beginning to allege that trainers are intruding on vet-territory, altho vets without a
Board-certificate in Behavior as a specialty have almost no schooling except safe-restraint,
anatomy, physiology and pharmacology of species - NOT behavior.

i sure hope the verdict is in the defendant's favor - or there will be a terrible lack of groomers,
farriers, trainers, etc, for decades to come!

only in a Merika,
- terry
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MO: mercantile-law used by vet-board to quash competition: Oct-09

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