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 *michael vick* whines; he claims to "miss having a dog" (O-o)

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PostSubject: *michael vick* whines; he claims to "miss having a dog" (O-o)   Fri Dec 17, 2010 11:16 pm


this cold-blooded thug who beat dogs to death, strangled them with his own hands, held fighting-fit
45# pitbulls head-down in buckets of water while they struggled desperately until they drowned,
electrocuted dogs, hung them till they died, and DROWNED them by clipping car-batteries to them,
then THREW them into a swimming pool and turned-on the juice - watching as they thrashed and spasmed,
clawing desperately at the pool edges till they finally drowned -
wants another dog.
the in-ground concrete pool at his former home in Virginia has deep gouges where the dogs' claws scored
the concrete, scrabbling and scarring the paint as they struggled to get out, choking.

is he insane? is WAYNE PACELLE insane? the head of HSUS thinks 'VICK would make a 'good owner'?!
what the H*** is wrong with these people? do we invite rapists to staff womens' shelters?
pedophiles to be Scoutmasters or directors of childrens' choirs? NO - we don't.

IMO Vick is simply embarrassed to admit to his kids that the reason their family cannot have a dog is
because he, Daddy-VICK, killed dogs in endlessly cruel and inventive or brutal ways, evidently to amuse
himself and others, who helped him to kill them. imagine telling Ur daughter that U had strangled, hung,
drowned and electrocuted dogs - or beat them to death. how many blows would it take, to beat a dog --
a healthy young fit dog - till the dog stopped breathing?
that conversation would make the old parents' terror, the sex-talk, seem easy and comforting by comparison.
explaining where babies come from would be wa-a-ay less awful than describing jamming a dog's head underwater
and holding it there, while the dog jerked and thrashed and scratched and violently resisted.

my opinion? VICK is an unrepetent thug - and lost his privilege to keep any dog
or live in the same household as any dog, or visit in any household where dogs live,
for the rest of his natural thug-life. Mad he's also not above using his kids as tools,
pimping them to stir public sympathy - WRONG. a mensch? a real man?
No - he's a spoiled, over-paid star-athlete, whose star will fade - whose career will
end - leaving him an aging has-been, and still a thug; he has yet to admit to doing
anything bad, all those OTHER people led him astray, poor little innocent... Bull.
me? i hope his career is short, his has-been years are long, his wife divorces him,
his kids are estranged, and that he dies in poverty.

do i hate him? no - i don't know him, don't want to know him, and i cannot hate someone
that i don't know personally; i don't think anyone can. despise? yes. distrust? Oh, Yes! hate? nah.
i hope those dogs come to him in nightmares; i hope he sleeps with their screaming, gagging,
bleeding death-throes every night of his life. insomnia would be good... but i don't hate him.

just my opinion - but VICK better hope he goes to H*** in the afterlife; anywhere else, eternity will
be really miserable, while every pet-owner takes turns tormenting him - and there's no Death,
no kind and peaceful end to struggle and pain, to save him.
i give you Michael Vick - the Anti-hero.
- terry

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PostSubject: Re: *michael vick* whines; he claims to "miss having a dog" (O-o)   Sat Dec 18, 2010 5:02 am

You don't have to hold back here. Tell us how you really feel! LOL

Anyone who cares about what happens to animals feels pretty much the same.
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PostSubject: Re: *michael vick* whines; he claims to "miss having a dog" (O-o)   Wed Jan 26, 2011 4:44 pm

I agree 100%.

I also have to admit that I watched the NFL playoff game and felt pretty good everytime he got up limping after a hit. I told the group of ppl I was with "I wonder if the coaching staff will beat him within an inch of his life, hang him upside down in the shower or even kill him for his poor performance in the game!"

- Michael -

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PostSubject: Re: *michael vick* whines; he claims to "miss having a dog" (O-o)   

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*michael vick* whines; he claims to "miss having a dog" (O-o)

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