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 Poisoning of animals

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Poisoning of animals  Vide
PostSubject: Poisoning of animals    Poisoning of animals  Icon_minitimeTue Apr 10, 2012 1:14 pm

Hello everyone I am new to this site. I was looking up on the internet how to poison a dog and it brought me to this. BEFORE you stop reading please know I have two wonderful pooches One is named Bear and he is a black lab and Shepard mix and I also have a Pit bull named SGT. My pit bull is the sweetest thing in the world and the labrashep well he is very protective. My pit-bull will be a year come April 19th. We got him because we had a previous dog that was a blue pit and he was an absolute angel, But we are finding out that one of our neighbors has a thing for pit bulls. Just recently we noticed our neighbor messing with our fence and trying to get our dogs to exit our yard by throwing big branches on the fence to see if they could jump it and also just antagonizing them causing them to be mean. I had been wondering why my babies were acting more and more aggressive. Until one morning when she the lady who was intentionally messing with my dogs was out there in the broad daylight. I never in my life seen someone intentionally bully my animals. Well she threw something over the fence and my pit-bull ate it whatever it was. There was some coughing involved but he lived through the day. Now were more cautious we put up no trespassing signs and keep out signs. But it hit me like a ton of bricks when I thought back a year ago the day before SGT was born, my previous pit bull of 7 months died his name was Capt. Quantrill or Q for short. I am not rich and I have three children as well but I was noticing before Q died that he was having diarrhea all the time 2 months prior to him dieing. We now believe he was poisoned. This burns my gizzards to no end. I sat with my dog held him before he died in my arms and suffered along with him as he was spending his last moments in pain. I never want to go through that again. It makes me so mad that people put a bad rap on pit bulls. IT IS HOW THEY ARE RAISED!!! AND IT GOES FOR ANY DOG. My labrashep is meaner than rabid dog but people who don't know anything would assume that my pit-bull will bite there face off and the big labrashep will lick them to death. Well they've got it wrong because my pit bull protects people from the labrashep. I have a fenced in yard and make sure my dogs stay in the yard at all times and my labrashep is my protector he does his job well HE IS THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE AND HE HAS BEEN TRAINED. So to sum up everything if anyone knows anything on animal poisoning and the effects that it causes to dogs please inform me. I am trying hard to protect my Pit bull Sgt from following in the same footsteps that Q went down. Also we have a pug that is the neighborhood watch dog and she visits with my dogs on a daily basis and she also guards my property as well as the whole neighborhood. She is wonderful and the pit bull really loves her. Well why were on a little vacation I guess some more poison was thrown out in my yard because she ate and almost died. Her owners took her to the vet but they did not get blood work done so we do not know what she was so sick from. Its just crazy the people in this world. I call the pug Puggy and she is doing much better and still visits. I would be very appreciative for any info anyone can give me. Thanks katzpaw83
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Poisoning of animals

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