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 Oldest Dog Award

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PostSubject: Oldest Dog Award   Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:03 pm

So, a couple of weeks ago was the first annual Bark for Life. Which is like relay for life except for dogs. It was a nice inside event of which I let Star participate in. I will not lie but he was a crowd favorite. The fact that on that day, it was his 18th birthday. We went in there and started walking around the building. You see, the floor was fake grass and in the middle of the building there was agility arenas. Well, we walked around that and looked at the booths on the side. That is when I noticed that Star was walking funny. He was walking as if he had arthritis. As I started to panic, I looked at his paw and noticed he was bleeding, which explained his walking. I picked him up and walked over to a worker and asked of they had any first aid kits for dogs. She told me there was a vet on duty and then she pointed us to him. The vet was really nice and got some antibiotic cream and a wrap for his paw. Star decided to stay calm and let the vet do what needed to be done. In a few minutes the vet had him all patched up and said to take it easy, the bandage would come off at some point with wear. I wanted to keep him laying there for the entire event but Star refused to. Being the overprotective parent I am, I strongly disliked his willingness to explore. My husband convinced me to let him walk and Star was completley impressive! He was up and walking normally and jumping. He ran around the arena a few times and the vet, who was closely watching him, was impressed by him especially with his age! Soon it was time for the awards and we hadnt won any. The vet then walked up and spoke into the winner announcers ear. Shortly after that, she announced that there was one more winner; Star, the oldest dog! After the show they had open agility for dogs who don't know agility and star went into the arena. The lady who was helping refused to let him jump with his age, which was unfair, but he did weaving and tunnels. He refused to do the ramp, though. He had so much fun and went home all pooped out.

Here are some of the photos!! click the to see larger view....

www.youtube.com/friends4life8740 (18th birthday video!)


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Oldest Dog Award

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