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 K9Academy Credits & Reputation

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PostSubject: K9Academy Credits & Reputation   Mon Oct 19, 2009 8:03 pm

K9Academy has two point systems in place: Credits and Reputation.


For the time being these don't do anything, one can consider these how popular and active you are on the forum. Sometime in the future I do plan to make use of this system to allow members to get special privilages, badges, or even become moderators! These points are only visible on the a members profile right next to the Reputation points. Here is the breakdown of how Credits are earned:

+5 points for every friend you make

+3 points per post on the "Member Introduction"

+5 points per thread on the "Member Introduction"

+1 point per post on any other forum except Member Intro

+3 points per every thread on any forum except Member Intro


This is simply a measure of how helpful, active, and friendly your posts and advice is. The higher the reputation the easier it is for other members to know how helpful you are. You affect Reputation points by voting for others and thanking them. Everyone starts off with 10 Reputation points and each member must have at least 5 posts before they can give or take away Reputation points from other members. Each member can only give 10 Reputation points each day, so choose wisely who you give/take them. These points are visible both on posts and the member profile. So here is how it works:

+2 points per positive vote you get on any forum on K9academy

+5 points per every "Thanks!" you get on any forum on k9academy

-1 point per every negative vote you get on any forum on K9academy

+4 points per every positive vote you get on "Member Introduction" forum

+7 points per every "Thanks!" you get on the "Member Introduction" forum.

Note: Only OP'S (Original Posters), the member that started a thread, will have the "Thanks!" button visible. Be sure to thank the member that was most helpful, this motivate all community members to try their best to give you an honest and helpful answer.

Warning: No one should abuse this system. Excessive posts, messages, thread, etc with the sole purpose of getting more points is against forum rules and will result in a warning. Points can be modified by admins so excessive gain of points can be corrected. Also the Reputation system should be a chance to give members props for having made a good posts, no one should give away points simply because you like a member or they are your friends, conversely points shouldn't be maliciously deducted because you two don't get along. Doing so is also against the forum rules. All in all, this should be fun and give the forum a unique way to work things, so simply be curtious and use common sense.

Have fun! Cool,
Steven L


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K9Academy Credits & Reputation

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